Virtual Appointments

Clare Jennings invites you…… to use our online virtual appointment service, one of the success stories of the changes we made during the Covid lockdown.. Often, when visiting our showroom, potential customers need a lot of advice, it is usually based upon our experience of what may or may not work in their homes. It can be related to colour, design, size or style. Hopefully, this advice assists my customers before making the final purchasing decision. I have a team on board, some with ‘interiors background’ so I am sure we can help. If you would like a virtual consultation appointment, and want to take advantage of free advice then please fill out the appointment detailed below. I would love to hear from you. It may even be possible to offer a video walk around a rug before you make a final purchasing decision

How to book

JW Jennings handmade rugs made from wool, book your virtual consultation
  1. Contact us by filling in the form below
  2. Specify the date and time you would like your virtual appointment
  3. Indicate your preference as to the method of contact. Face Time. WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom.
  4. Send an image of your room if you feel it will help.

Clare will reply by email confirming your appointment. When you have your ‘virtual appointment’ please try to have another device on hand (Ipad, lap top or PC) in order that you are able to view the website if needed. You may then need a follow up consultation after Clare has evaluated you needs.


Let us know your preferred date and time and we'll send you a confirmation for your FREE virtual appointment with Clare.